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2014 Itinerary

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 The Tracy Foreman Show, Featured Guest: Prophetess Sharyl Burke

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  • "I was on the call when Elder Turner said sow into A New Woman Ministries whatever God puts on your heart. I believe she said by Friday (5/20). And that over the next 18 days you..."
    Praise Report!!!
  • "I just wanted to testify to the weighty Glory of God I felt on the prayer call this past Wednesday. As I was busy, I called into the line late, but as soon as I entered the pray..."
    Amy Hall
    Heavy Presence

Prophetess Trista Laborn: God began to light a FIRE in me so strong!

My Testimony: I knew Apostle years ago, we connected online on Facebook, she was promoting her Bath & Body business Royalty Spa Collection on Blog Talk Radio. We became friends on Facebook and I became a guest on her show; iIt was in the beginning stages of my business Silk Spa Creations and then I was on fire! Years passed and I haven't connected with Apostle for some time, I wasn't doing my business, but another business and Apostle called me out and we began to talk. She began to speak to me and encourage me to continue my business. She prayed for me and in the prayer God began to light a FIRE in me so strong that I know NOW what my purpose is in my business. Because Apostle called me out and prayed for me, I am NOW connecting with like minded women in business that is helping me get my business together, I have 3 places already carrying my products, and I have a goal of 5 and by the end of this year. I already know I will have double that number of spas carrying my products, Thanks be to God for giving me a 2nd chance and Apostle for calling me out on what God is trying to do in my life! I REALLY appreciate A New Woman Ministries, and the prayer lines with such powerful women that have prayed and encouraged me to keep pressing forward in the things of God. My prayer is that God continues to light a fire in APOSTLE FOREMAN so strong that everyone she talks to will feel that fire and pursue the things of God like never before!

Prophetess Trista Laborn, CEO